Sponsor Spotlight: Anjolee

Alright errbody, I'm super excited to tell you guys all about Anjolee today on Sensible Stylista.  If you're lookin' for fine jewelry, you need to check them out STAT.  They're one of the largest diamond jewelry manufacturers in the US!  Their innovative jewelry customization process gives you complete control over designs based on taste and budget.  They offer 7 types of metal, various total carat weights, and diamond quality and size for each item on their site.  

If you're nervous about buying fine jewelry online, don't be - their return policy is AWESOME! They'll give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase if you're unsatisfied for ANY reason.  The timeframe starts with the date you RECEIVE the order, not when it's shipped.  Oh, they also offer FREE FedEx shipping on orders within the US and Canada.  Free FedEx Priority Overnight with orders $500+, and free FedEx 2nd Day Air for everything else.  All orders place on Anjolee are sent fully insured.

FYI:  they also provide a certificate of authenticity for each diamond order.  If you wish to add a third party certificate (ex. GIA or IGI), simply add one to the product as you're customizing.  The price for the certificate will show on your order total.

Now let's get to the fun stuffs!  Here are some of my FAVORITE pendant necklaces...
And earrings of course!  Which babies do you like best?

As The Rush Comes

Excited to get all fancy for you guys today on SS.  I've partnered up with +OASAP again - I can't wait to tell y'all about my new dress.  
I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with Three Floor, but I believe they popularized this design and others like it.  Please do correct me if I'm wrong!  Anywho, this designer inspired dress is a lovely AND affordable alternative IMO.  The 411 on the fabric: it's a polyester/spandex blend with eyelash lace that hugs your body in a comfortable but flattering way - highlights the small of your waist creating an hourglass figure!
A close up of my dress sans coat!  OH, and I don't have a separate pic of my heels, but clicky HERE to see them up close. They're def. the most comfortable 4-inchers I own, and they're currently on sale for $18.95 at Pin Up darling.  Totes worth the money!  Feel free to ask me any questions below in the comment section.
Coat:  c/o Light in the Box
Dress:  c/o OASAP ($18.56)
Bag:  vintage - no label
Shoes:  c/o Pin Up Darling ($18.95)

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Sponsor Spotlight: She's So Moxie

YAY!  I'm super excited to feature She's So Moxie again today on SS - clicky HERE to see my first collab. So here's the 411.  She's So Moxie is a fab online women's clothing boutique run by Meg, the LOVELY owner.   She hopes to help every woman find their inner moxie - FYI, moxie means confident, determined, and courageous *grins*
I'm wearing the beYOUtiful dress ($36.99) above.  Isn't the print adorable?  The piece has three-quarter length sleeves with bands, a tie neckline, and is 100% polyester.  It kind of has a boho vibe.  What do you guys think?  Anywho, clicky here to pick one up for yourself.  Also, if you want to read my Cherish Tunic review, clicky HERE.  
Oh, and here are a few more of my She's So Moxie faves.  I'm totes drooling over these babies! 

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